Get in touch! Quiettidegoods@gmail.com.

Address: Quiet Tide Goods 536 Congress St. Portland, ME 04101

Quiet Tide was born out of the Portland Patch Project which ran from January 1st, 2015-mid 2017. The Patch Project featured a monthly released embroidered patch designed by rotating artists, mostly located in Maine and also a few from away. The Patch Project was met with a great response and pushed us to want to feature even more artists and products other then just embroidered patches.
That's where Quiet Tide Goods was born! We've been working under the Quiet Tide Goods name since 2017 and have brought in so many great collaborators! We specialize in patches, stickers, pins, pennants and prints. We look forward to bringing you even more products all the time!
MUSICIANS WE'VE WORKED WITH: Blood Warrior, Brown Bird, Greasy GrassGreg Jamie, Lady Lamb.


If you have made a purchase on our site and for some reason have not received your order please just get in touch with us :-)

Please Note: We try and ship everything as fast as possible but please allow 1-4 weeks for US delivery from time of purchase. If your order does not arrive within 4 weeks we will refund or replace your order. USPS can sometimes take an overly long time delivering mail and packages without warning so please be understanding. The USPS Estimated times are just that, estimates. We cannot guarantee any delivery times. Please do not ask us where your order is only a few days after you purchased it. It's on its way to you. 

If you feel that you have been overcharged for shipping, which is possible to happen. Please get in touch and we will refund you the amount of overpaid. It sometimes happens with different methods of shipping and different items that can not be shipped together, such as large prints and pennants need to be shipped separately. 

Please make sure your mailing address is correct. If shipped to the wrong address because a listed wrong address you will be held responsible. If your address in your PayPal or Credit Card profile is incorrect, please let me know ASAP and I will make sure that your order is shipped to your current address.

If you receive a damaged package please provide a few pictures of the damaged package or print within 7 days of receiving the package. We offer refunds or exchanges for damages that may occur during shipping.

We cannot be held responsible for products that are lost by USPS. This rarely happens but it is a possibility.


WHERE CAN WE BUY YOUR PRODUCTS IN PERSON? We do wholesale our products to many stores around New England and the US. Email us and we'll send your our current Stock List! Also view our WHERE TO FIND section. 

Pinecone+Chickadee in Portland, ME is our home base store!

CAN I BE PART OF QUIET TIDE GOODS? Possibly! We're always looking for new artists to collaborate with! Feel free to email us at QuietTideGoods@gmail.com with your ideas.

ARE YOU HIRING? As of right now, no. Our team is very small and pride ourselves in doing things ourselves. 

WILL THAT OLD DESIGN BE BACK IN STOCK SOON? Maybe yes, maybe no. Depending on the product we produce we may produce a large inventory or a very small amount of a product. The best way to see if a product will be back is to follow us on Instagram (@quiettidegoods). 

WHERE CAN I FIND A SOLD OUT ITEM? If something is sold out at a store or at QuietTideGoods.com check out our Etsy Store for rare items.

WHERE DO YOU GET ALL OF YOUR PRODUCTS MADE? We produce a good amount of our products in house at our studio in Portland, Maine but we do use outside production companies as well. Please don't ask us for our production sources, we've spent years trying to find the right partners to work with for our business. 

HOW THE F DO I ATTACH A PATCH TO MY JACKET? All embroidered patches are iron on and sew on. BUT for best results please sew the patch onto garments. Ironing is best used for placing the patch where you would like it before sewing on.
All of our fabric/canvas patches are sew on only. They are meant to look a little rough. We call these Punk Rock Patches.
If you are only attempting to iron on a patch please make sure the fabric you are adhering it to has a tooth to it much like denim.